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The True Story about Arthur’s Soul Adventure

The writing of Arthur’s Soul Adventure was initiated by a dream the author, Brian Chambers, had while vacationing in Maine in August of 2005. The dream took place ten years after his father had died at 71. Arthur, his deceased father, appeared to Brian in the dream as a young boy who was no more than ten years old. He was standing on the railroad tracks, telling Brian that he wanted to ask him to do something very important. He revealed to Brian that he had actually died on the railroad tracks one day and that he had had a life after death experience. He was told that Arthur had briefly visited heaven and had been given an important message to bring back. However, during his lifetime, he never did this. He never breathed a word of his experience or the message to anyone. He wanted Brian to tell the true story of what had actually happened and to convey the message that he had been entrusted to tell. Arthur, the child in the dream, told him he should write the story down in a book. In the dream, young Arthur stood in front of Brian holding out a book with a dark cover in one hand. For an instant, Brian thought it was a bible, but then he realized that it was the book he was supposed to write.

The main character in Arthur’s Soul Adventure, Arthur Chambers, had grown up in South Boston and Savin Hill during the Depression of the 1930s without parents. Their father had left mysteriously and their mother had died of a heart attack. He was raised by his two older brothers, Charlie and Ed, and his sister Alice. At only 18, Charlie won custody of his younger siblings, keeping the small family together during difficult times. Charlie had a WPA job and Ed at 15 worked after school as a custodian. Alice was 13 and helped the family by cooking, cleaning, and looking after young Arthur. Arthur hunted coal on the way home from school every day to help his family survive. One day down by the tracks, he was injured by a terrible blow to the head that crushed part of his skull. He was rushed to Boston City Hospital where a metal plate was put in his head that remained there the rest of his life. Parts of Arthur’s Soul Adventure reflect the way that Arthur, his brothers, and sister lived. The scenes about heaven and the message are based upon the dream and spiritual guidance that came to Brian while meditating and writing in 2005 and 2006.

As the book was revised, they began discussing how the scene with the green marble was central to the message of the book. The green marble was a tool that Arthur used to simplify the message for his friend Tommy. The marbles had become a reminder that the power is not in the marble or any other symbol or thing; rather, the power is inside each and every one of us. Early readers of the manuscript became excited about the green marbles as a rallying point for the book and the important message that we do not need to be afraid – because the power is inside each of us. Those connected with the book have placed their special green marbles in different locations around the world, including the Artic, the Holy Land, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the Mayan ruins in Mexico, an ancient Minoan palace in Crete, the volcanic island in Santorini, and on the various mountaintops. Readers believe that the green marbles will help usher in the message contained within Arthur’s Soul Adventure that we don’t need to be afraid, there are many spiritual paths and each are valid to the God who delights in them all, and the only thing we must do is realize how truly powerful we already are. Arthur’s Soul Adventure has touched many hearts and souls already and we ask to let it touch yours.

Brian Chambers, born in South Boston and raised in the Savin Hill area of Dorchester, has lived and worked in Boston for his entire life. His editor, Suzanne moved to Boston a decade ago to work for a publisher. To their mutual amusement, it was later discovered that her earliest ancestors in America had landed in Savin Hill in 1630. Brian’s maternal grandfather was a Native American from Canada, and as Arthur’s Soul Adventure describes, Savin Hill was a special place of worship for the Native Americans in the region. Brian and Suzanne were married in May of 2007 and live in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, with her son, Dennis. (9/01/08)

Biography of Brian R. Chambers:
The Unlikely Author

Brian R. Chambers is probably the most unlikely person to have authored a novel, especially this one. Born in Boston in 1954, he spent most of his life in a small oasis known as Savin Hill that existed on the edge of civility, next to an area overrun with barroom hooligans and notorious gangsters who engaged in drinking and street fighting. During Brian’s formative years of the 60’s and 70’s, he managed to do his fair share of both.

He graduated from South Boston High School in 1972, an undistinguished student disinterested in his studies, except for a hidden inclination for poetry. After reading a poem he had written, his senior English teacher predicted, “Brian, you have a gift and you might even wish to become a writer someday.” He didn’t believe her. He left school to further his education on the unforgiving inner city streets. As a street kid his life quickly cascaded into a hopeless existence. Brian traveled a dark and dangerous path, which led him to hellish places that not many return from.

A startling event revealed to him the true nature on his malady. He began to sense that his life was not meant to be the way that it was back then. From one of the grubbiest corners in the world, his life began to shift for the better. He became determined to alter his life, or if he couldn’t, he was going to die trying.

Everything began to change for Brian from a favorite park bench he often frequented on the Boston Common in 1979. There was an unusual amount of excited activity on the common one morning. The new Pope, John Paul II who was visiting Boston would address what was expected to be a huge crowd there the following day. Brian watched the hurried preparations with hazy amusement. He had brought along with him a book he had found somewhere as an odd prop, just like a play actor might carry an umbrella, or wear a single-eyed monocle for some artful effect. He wasn’t planning on actually reading Illusions: The Adventure of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach, yet imagined the paperback might make him appear like a college student from one of the local universities, perhaps Suffolk or even Harvard University. Sickly-looking in dirty clothes, Brian was slumped on the bench, holding the text out in front of him like a social shield. He hoped that it would dignify him slightly or perhaps deflect the painful stares and pitying inquiries from passersby.

Uniform rows of stately oaks filtered the morning sun as the shadow of a figure hesitated at Brian’s bench. The man was suddenly standing right in front of him, and Brian looked up. Smiling from beneath his wide-brimmed leather hat, the stranger nodded his head enthusiastically in agreement. He lifted up his sleeve to reveal a blue-feather tattoo on his arm. The odd man beamed, pointing back down at the book Brian was holding in his shaky hands.

“See!” he said, “It’s the same feather. Just like the one on the cover,” the man explained.

Brian glanced at the feather tattoo, and then back down at the single blue feather on the cover. It looked similar, but Brian thought this man must just be some nut and grunted, “Yeah? So, what?”

“That book can change your life, kid. I know. It changed mine.”

Tipping his hat with a quick wink, the smiling stranger continued on. Brian shook his head, held the thin book out with his right hand, scratching his chin with his left. The word “illusions” seem to wiggle along the front of the paperback as he watched the mysterious visitor disappear over the distant hill. “Did I just see an illusion?” he wondered.

The brilliant idea came to him that he might look more like a college student if he actually pretended to read the words on the page. He began reading, and amazingly found himself hooked by the unconventional spiritual adventures of Bach’s reluctant messiah. Lying on his park bench, Brian read as much as he could through the afternoon. He returned to the Common the following day in the rain; he continued to read Illusions while listening to Pope John Paul II address tens-of-thousands in the near distance. The words of the book blended strangely with the charismatic voice of the young Pope. The mirrored messages of limitless possibility lightened his fledgling spirit. The space around the bench seemed electrified with a new energy. Brian was coming alive. His fear was beginning to fade, and for the first time in years, Brian thought of a tomorrow filled with hope.

Brian made big changes, and in the years that followed, graduated from college, and later earned an advanced degree at the University of Massachusetts – Boston, just steps away from Savin Hill. During this time, Brian began to meditate every day. His anxieties melted, and he began to possess a new sense of dignity and calm.

Many years later, while vacationing in Maine, Brian awoke after having a vivid dream about his late father’s life-after-death experience, requesting him to tell ‘the message from heaven’ that his father never told anyone during his lifetime. In the dream, his father Arthur held out a book, asking his Brian to write it. It just so happened that during that cabin stay, Brian had brought along his close friend who was an editor. Suzanne pressed him about the dream, and encouraged him to give writing a try. The dream haunted him until he reluctantly agreed to begin writing Arthur’s story. The desire to write he had sensed much earlier in his life, returned. Brian had no idea what to do, or how to do it, but he began writing every single day, and within a year, the manuscript was finished. And this is how “Arthur’s Soul Adventure” came to be.

Arthur's green marble has become a symbol to many for how powerful we all truly are. Members of the Green Marble Club carry their green marble with them as a reminder that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, ever.
The marble comes in a beautiful protective pouch with the Arthur logo and a certificate of authenticity.
The Gift of the Green Marble is $10 (shipping is free!).
The cover of Arthur's Soul Adventure is comprised of a major section of an treasured oil painting entitled "The Old Katonah Railroad Station" (1979) by painter Peter Whittenhall Phelps (1936 - 1990), owned by the author's wife Suzanne Phelps Chambers' late father, and was adapted for the cover of Arthur's Soul Adventure, being reworked to include the orb through which young Arthur is passing painted by Suzanne, with the addition of the silhouette by the site's web-designer, Rick Parastatides, who designed the composite of the cover art. Peter W. Phelps studied under James Penney at Hamilton College, and worked as an apprentice to land and seascape artist, Jay Connaway. Peter also studied at the Art Students League (1957 - 1958) where he worked under famed German Expressionist George Grosz, Fran Reilly, and Brackman. Under the mentorship of Hoagy Carmichael, Peter was also a master builder of bamboo fly fishing rods, and had a lifelong passion for both fly fishing and painting. Previously, Peter was also an English teacher, and college textbook editor for both Norton and St. Martin's Press. His four children adored their brilliant, creative father including his eldest Suzanne, also a textbook editor, two younger daughters Haydee and Elizabeth, and his son, Peter.
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